Meet NTA’s Officers

Victoria Perry, President

Victoria Perry

“The NTA has played a key role in my professional life. For years I’ve looked forward to the annual conferences as opportunities to learn what is happening not only at the cutting edge of research in the tax field, but in policy implementation as well. It’s like attending an over-stocked, excellent buffet—it’s a tough decision to pick among all the great parallel offerings. For me a lot of the learning and the enjoyment goes on, too, outside the formal sessions, when I meet and catch up with old friends. And as I’ve become a more “senior” member of the association, I find it a particular pleasure to meet and listen to the new generations of tax scholars and professionals. Reading the NTJ is great, too—but there’s nothing like actual face to face discussions to stimulate ideas.”

Victoria Perry is an Assistant Director in the Fiscal Affairs Department at the IMFmore

Rosanne Altshuler, First Vice President

Rosanne Altshuler

“NTA is my professional family. The Annual Conferences are reunions that allow me to catch up with old colleagues and make new connections. I’ve benefited tremendously from my interactions with other academics but most importantly with colleagues working on tax policy in government institutions, think tanks and the private sector. The best advice I can give any graduate student is join early and stay involved.”

Rosanne Altshuler is a Professor of Economics at Rutgers University … more

Andrew Lyon, Second Vice President

Andrew Lyon

If you had a new empirical or theoretical finding, or an interesting application of one to a current policy issue in public finance, with whom would you want to share it? If you wanted to learn about current public finance research being undertaken in economics, accounting, and law by those ranging from PhD students to distinguished academicians to experienced government or private sector practitioners, where would you go? For me the answer has been the NTA — a professional family of diverse professionals sharing a common interest in increasing our knowledge of, and improving the practice of, public finance. From the annual conference to the Spring symposium to each issue of the NTJ, there is something for everyone. I encourage you to participate actively in the NTA and help extend its impact for all members.

Dr. Andrew Lyon is a principal and directs the National Economics and Statistics Tax Policy Services Economics group of PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC)’s Washington National Tax Services practice … more