Directors and Officers

Meet NTA’s Officers


Rosanne Altshuler, Rutgers University

First Vice President

Andrew Lyon, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Second Vice President

William G. Gale, Brookings Institution

Immediate Past Presidents

Victoria Perry, International Monetary Fund
Peter J. Brady, Investment Company Institute


Adam Cole, U.S. Department of Treasury


Eric Toder, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center

Elected Board Members (year of election)

Lily Batchelder, NYU School of Law (2017)
Robert Carroll, Ernst & Young LLP (2015)
Denvil Duncan, Indiana University (2015)
Tracy Gordon, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (2016)
Tami Gurley-Calvez, University of Kansas Medical Center (2015)
Andrew Hanson, Marquette University (2015)
Brad Heim, Indiana University (2017)
Janet Holtzblatt, Congressional Budget Office (2016)
Sara LaLumia, Williams College (2016)
David Merriman, University of Illinois (2016)
Pamela Moomau, Joint Committee on Taxation (2017)
George Plesko, University of Connecticut (2017)
Shanthi Ramnath, U.S. Department of Treasury (2017)
Joseph Rosenberg, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (2016)
Joann Weiner, George Washington University (2015)

Executive Director

Matthew Coffindaffer

National Tax Journal Editors

William M. Gentry, Williams College
Stacy Dickert-Conlin, Michigan State University

National Tax Journal Managing Editor

Sally Sztrecska, Sztrecska Publishing