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  1. Expert and Public Attitudes Towards Tax Policy: 2013, 1994, and 1934

    by Diane Lim, Joel Slemrod, and Eleanor Wilking

  2. Evaluating Broad-Based Approaches for Limiting Tax Expenditures

    by Eric J. Toder, Joseph Rosenberg, and Amanda Eng

  3. Income Taxes and Compliance Costs: How Are They Related?

    by Rosemary Marcuss, George Contos, John Guyton, Patrick Langetieg, Allen Lerman, Susan Nelson, Brenda Schafer, and Melissa Vigil

  4. Changes in the Organization of Business Activity and Implications for Tax Reform

    by George A. Plesko and Eric J. Toder

  5. Small Business, Innovation, and Tax Policy: A Review

    by William Gale and Samuel Brown

  6. New Perspectives on Income Mobility and Inequality

    by Gerald Auten, Geofrey Gee, and Nicholas Turner

  7. Recent Income Trends for Top Executives: Evidence From Tax Return Data

    by Seth H. Giertz and Jacob A. Mortenson

  8. Revenue Cycles and Risk-Sharing in Local Governments: An Analysis of State Rainy Day Funds

    by Erick M. Elder and Gary A. Wagner