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  1. Effects of Adjusting Distribution Tables for Family Size

    by Cronin, Julie-Anne, DeFilippes, Portia, and Lin, Emily Y.

  2. How Marginal Tax Rates Affect Families at Various Levels of Poverty

    by Maag, Elaine, Steuerle, C. Eugene, Chakravarti, Ritadhi, and Quakenbush, Caleb

  3. The Labor Supply and Tax Revenue Consequences of Federal Same-Sex Marriage Legalization

    by Stevenson, Adam

  4. Marriage and Taxes: What Can We Learn From Tax Returns Filed by Cohabiting Couples?

    by Lin, Emily Y. and Tong, Patricia K.

  5. Heterogeneity in the Tax Responses of Personal Capital Gains Realizations

    by Dowd, Tim, McClelland, Robert, and Muthitacharoen, Athiphat

  6. Effective Tax Rates and Measures of Business Size

    by Moore, Kevin B.

  7. Effects of Public Policies on the Disposition of Pre-Retirement Lump-Sum Distributions: Rational and Behavioral Influences

    by Burman, Leonard E., Coe, Norma B., Dworsky, Michael, and Gale, William G.

  8. Chief Counsel’s Subtle Impact on Revenue: Regulations, Litigation, and Administrative Guidance

    by Mann, Roberta

  9. What Do Courts Have to Do With It?: The Judiciary’s Role in Making Federal Tax Law

    by Lederman, Leandra

  10. The Impact of Agency Procedures and Judicial Review on Tax Reform

    by Aprill, Ellen P.

  11. Reconciling Global Financial Reporting With Domestic Taxation

    by Bokulic, Caitlin, Henry, Erin, and Plesko, George A.

  12. Through a Glass Darkly: What Can We Learn About a U.S. Multinational Corporation’s International Operations From Its Financial Statement Disclosures?

    by Donohoe, Michael P., McGill, Gary A., and Outslay, Edmund

  13. State Tax Rankings: What Do They and Don’t They Tell Us?

    by Anderson, John E.

  14. Property Tax Incentive Pitfalls

    by Kenyon, Daphne A., Langley, Adam H., and Paquin, Bethany P.

  15. The Effect of Sales Taxes on Employment: New Evidence From Cross-Border Panel Data Analysis

    by Thompson, Jeffrey P. and Rohlin, Shawn M.

  16. The Genesis of Senior Income Tax Breaks

    by Conway, Karen Smith and Rork, Jonathan C.

  17. Migration Elasticities, Fiscal Federalism, and the Ability of States to Redistribute Income

    by Giertz, Seth H. and Tosun, Mehmet S.