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  1. Cross-Country Comparisons of Corporate Income Taxes

    by Markle, Kevin S. and Shackelford, Douglas A.

  2. Fast Money? The Contribution of State Tax Amnesties to Public Revenue Systems

    by Mikesell, John L. and Ross, Justin M.

  3. The Impact of Tax Cuts on Economic Growth: Evidence From the Canadian Provinces

    by Ferede, Ergete and Dahlby, Bev

  4. Do Tax Sensitive Investors Liquidate Appreciated Shares After a Capital Gains Tax Rate Reduction?

    by Chyz, James A. and Li, Oliver Zhen

  5. Estimating Local Redistribution Through Property-Tax-Funded Public School Systems

    by Kurban, Haydar, Gallagher, Ryan M., and Persky, Joseph J.

  6. The Mirrlees Review: A Proposal for Systematic Tax Reform

    by Mirrlees, James, Adam, Stuart, Besley, Tim, Blundell, Richard, Bond, Stephen, Chote, Robert, Malcolm, Gammie, Johnson, Paul, Myles, Gareth, and Poterba, James

  7. The Mirrlees Review: A U.S. Perspective

    by Auerbach, Alan J.

  8. Issues in the Design of Taxes on Corporate Profit

    by Devereux, Michael P.