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  1. Tax Motivated Takings

    by Miceli, Thomas J., Segerson, Kathleen, and Sirmans, C.F.

  2. Distributional Consequences of Converting the Property Tax to a Land Value Tax: Replication and Extension of England and Zhao

    by Bowman, John H. and Bell, Michael E.

  3. The Impact of School District Consolidation on Housing Prices

    by Hu, Yue and Yinger, John

  4. The Income Elasticity of Gross Casino Revenues: Short–Run and Long–Run Estimates

    by Nichols, Mark W. and Tosun, Mehmet Serkan

  5. Thin Markets and Property Tax Inequities: A Multinomial Logit Approach

    by McMillen, Daniel P. and Weber, Rachel N.

  6. Why Do Nonprofits Have Taxable Subsidiaries?

    by Yetman, Michelle H. and Yetman, Robert J.

  7. Taxes and Financial Assets: Valuing Permanently Reinvested Foreign Earnings

    by Bryant–Kutcher, Lisa, Eiler, Lisa, and Guenther, David A.

  8. Taxes and Ex–Day Returns: Evidence From Germany and the U.K.

    by Lasfer, Meziane

  9. Methods of Capital Gains Taxation and the Impact on Asset Prices and Welfare

    by Sahm, Marco

  10. Using Technology to Simplify Individual Tax Filing

    by Bankman, Joseph

  11. Technology and Taxation in Developing Countries: From Hand to Mouse

    by Bird, Richard M. and Zolt, Eric M.

  12. The SSTP and Technology: Implications for the Future of the Sales Tax

    by Fox, William F., Luna, LeAnn, and Murray, Matthew N.

  13. Genes as Tags: The Tax Implications of Widely Available Genetic Information

    by Logue, Kyle and Slemrod, Joel

  14. Problems and Promise of Smart Cards in Taxation

    by Cowell, Frank A.

  15. The Future of Tax Privacy

    by Schwartz, Paul