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  1. Tax Holidays (And Other Escapes) in the American Jobs Creation Act

    by Clausing, Kimberly A.

  2. The 2004 Corporate Tax Revisions as a Spaghetti Western: Good, Bad, and Ugly

    by Gravelle, Jane G.

  3. A Few Things the Tax Reform Panel Needs to Remember

    by McLure, Charles E. Jr.

  4. Remarks on David Bradford

    by Shaviro, Daniel

  5. Use of Fiscal Policy Reaction Functions in Analyzing the Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Policy

    by Bull, Nicholas and Dowd, Timothy

  6. The Sustainability of Health Spending Growth

    by Follette, Glenn and Sheiner, Louise

  7. Deficits, Interest Rates, and the User Cost of Capital: A Reconsideration of the Effects of Tax Policy on Investment

    by Gale, William G. and Orszag, Peter R.

  8. Confidentiality and Taxpayer Compliance

    by Laury, Susan and Wallace, Sally

  9. The Effects of Tax Software and Paid Preparers on Compliance Costs

    by Guyton, John L., Korobow, Adam K., Lee, Peter S., and Toder, Eric J.

  10. Keeping the Faith: The Permanent Campaign Against Tax Shelters

    by Beeman, E. Ray

  11. Changing the Calculus: Making Tax Shelters Unprofitable

    by Savino, Katarina Olivia

  12. Alternative Methods of Price Indexing Social Security: Implications for Benefits and System Financing

    by Biggs, Andrew G., Brown, Jeffrey R., and Springstead, Glenn

  13. Social Security at 70: Principles, Issues and Alternatives

    by Coronado, Julia Lynn and Smith, Paul A.

  14. Winners and Losers Under Various Approaches to Slowing Social Security Benefit Growth

    by Harris, Amy Rehder and Simpson, Michael

  15. Opting Out of Social Security: An Idea That's Already Arrived

    by Richardson, David P.

  16. Understanding the Nuttiness of State Tax Policy: When States Have Both Too Much Sovereignty and Not Enough

    by McLure, Charles E. Jr.

  17. Interstate Tax Uniformity and the Multistate Tax Commission

    by Hildreth, W. Bartley, Murray, Matthew N., and Sjoquist, David L.

  18. Interstate Tax Coordination: Lessons From the International Fuel Tax Agreement

    by Denison, Dwight and Facer, Rex L. II

  19. The Political Economy of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement

    by Swain, John A. and Hellerstein, Walter