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  1. Issues in Analyzing the Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Policy

    by Diamond, John W. and Moomau, Pamela H.

  2. Economic Effects of Sustained Budget Deficits

    by Gale, William G. and Orszag, Peter R.

  3. Evaluating International Tax Reform

    by Desai, Mihir A. and Hines, James R. Jr.

  4. Royalties for Intracompany Sales of Fancy Trademarked Cheese

    by Clauser, Laura

  5. Hedging Employee Stock Options, Corporate Taxes, and Debt

    by Amromin, Gene and Liang, Nellie

  6. Piling on Problems: How Federal Policies Affect State Fiscal Conditions

    by Lav, Iris J.

  7. The California Budget Crisis: Factors Leading to the Current Budget Deficit and a Discussion of Certain Proposed Solutions

    by Spilberg, Phil and Alexander, Lori

  8. Changing Red to Black: Deficit Closing Alchemy

    by Petersen, John E.

  9. Public Funds and Private Capital Markets: The Investment Practices and Performance of State and Local Pension Funds

    by Coronado, Julie L., Engen, Eric M., and Knight, Brian

  10. What Explains Early Withdrawals From Retirement Accounts? Evidence From a Panel of Taxpayers

    by Amromin, Gene and Smith, Paul

  11. Is the Tax Expenditure Concept Still Relevant?

    by Burman, Leonard E.

  12. The Effect of Dividend Tax Relief on Investment Incentives

    by Carroll, Robert, Hassett, Kevin A., and Mackie, James B. III

  13. Effects of Dividend Relief on Economic Growth, the Stock Market, and Corporate Tax Preferences

    by Gravelle, Jane G.

  14. Estimating the Compliance Cost of the U.S. Individual Income Tax

    by Guyton, John L., O'Hare, John F., Stavrianos, Michael P., and Toder, Eric J.

  15. IRS’s Comprehensive Approach to Compliance Measurement

    by Brown, Robert E. and Mazur, Mark J.

  16. Whose Child Is It Anyway? Simplifying the Definition of a Child

    by Holtzblatt, Janet and McCubbin, Janet