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  1. Do States Choose Their Mix of Taxes to Minimize Employment Losses?

    by Harden, J. William and Hoyt, William H.

  2. Sustainable Social Security: What Would It Cost?

    by Lee, Ronald and Yamagata, Hisashi

  3. The Effect of Personal Property Tax Repeal on Pennsylvania’s Real Estate Tax Growth and Stability

    by Stine, William F.

  4. Fiscal Federalism and Welfare Policy: The Role of States in the Growth of Child SSI

    by Kubik, Jeffrey D.

  5. Confidence Intervals for the Suits Index

    by Anderson, John E., Roy, Atrayee Ghosh, and Shoemaker, Paul A.

  6. Environmental Regulatory Competition: A Status Report and Some New Evidence

    by Levinson, Arik

  7. Letting States Do the Dirty Work: State Responsibility for Federal Environmental Regulation

    by Sigman, Hilary

  8. Solving Environmental Problems With Regional Decision-Making: A Case Study of Ground-Level Ozone

    by Dinan, Terry and Tawil, Natalie

  9. Tax From Any Angle: Reflections on Multi-Disciplinary Tax Research

    by Slemrod, Joel

  10. Investment Subsidies and Wages in Capital Goods Industries: To the Workers Go the Spoils?

    by Goolsbee, Austan

  11. Frictions and Tax-Motivated Hedging: An Empirical Exploration of Publicly-Traded Exchangeable Securities

    by Gentry, William M. and Schizer, David M.

  12. "What's Come to Perfection Perishes*": Adjusting Capital Gains Taxation in Italy

    by Alworth, Julian, Arachi, Giampaolo, and Hamaui, Rony

  13. Intangible Income, Intercompany Transactions, Income Shifting, and the Choice of Location

    by Grubert, Harry

  14. The Effect of Nonprofits' Taxable Activities on the Supply of Private Donations

    by Yetman, Michelle H. and Yetman, Robert J.

  15. How Prevalent Is Tax Arbitrage? Evidence From the Market for Municipal Bonds

    by Erickson, Merle, Goolsbee, Austan, and Maydew, Edward

  16. Mutual Fund Capital Gain Distributions and the Tax Reform Act of 1997

    by Plancich, Stephanie