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  1. Short-Run Effects of Fiscal Policy With Forward-Looking Financial Markets

    by Elmendorf, Douglas W. and Reifschneider, David L.

  2. The Bush Tax Cut and National Saving

    by Auerbach, Alan J.

  3. Expectations and Expatriations: Tracing the Causes and Consequences of Corporate Inversions

    by Desai, Mihir A. and Hines, James R. Jr.

  4. Taxes and Organizational Form: The Case of REIT Spin-Offs

    by Goolsbee, Austan and Maydew, Edward

  5. The Effects of Temporary Partial Expensing on Investment Incentives in the United States

    by Cohen, Darrel S., Hansen, Dorthe-Pernille, and Hassett, Kevin A.

  6. Are State and Local Revenue Systems Becoming Obsolete?

    by Tannenwald, Robert

  7. State Corporate Tax Revenue Trends: Causes and Possible Solutions

    by Fox, William F. and Luna, LeAnn

  8. Choice Complexity in Tax Benefits for Higher Education

    by Davis, Albert J.

  9. Complexity in Retirement Savings Policy

    by Smith, Paul A.

  10. The Individual AMT: Problems and Potential Solutions

    by Burman, Leonard E., Gale, William G., Rohaly, Jeffrey, and Harris, Benjamin H.

  11. Nature or Nurture: Why Do 401(K) Participants Save Differently Than Other Workers?

    by Pence, Karen M.

  12. Federal Tax Policy, Employer Matching, and 401(K) Saving: Evidence From HRS W-2 Records

    by Cunningham, Christopher R. and Engelhardt, Gary V.

  13. Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance

    by Brown, Jeffrey R., Kroszner, Randall S., and Jenn, Brian H.