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  1. The 2001 Tax Legislation From a Long-Term Perspective

    by Steuerle, C. Eugene

  2. Taxes and Charitable Giving

    by Greene, Pamela and McClelland, Robert

  3. Tax Reductions, Tax Changes, and the Marriage Penalty

    by Whittington, Leslie A. and Alm, James

  4. First, Do No Harm: Designing Tax Incentives for Health Insurance

    by Burman, Leonard E. and Gruber, Amelia

  5. Total Corporate Taxation: "Hidden," Above-the-Line, Non-Income Taxes

    by Christensen, Kevin, Cline, Robert, and Neubig, Tom

  6. Fiscal Competition or Harmonization? Some Reflections

    by Oates, Wallace E.

  7. Whither Tax Depreciation?

    by Gravelle, Jane G.

  8. Financing New School Construction and Modernization: Evidence From California

    by Brunner, Eric J. and Rueben, Kim

  9. State Policy Under Devolution: Redistribution and Centralization

    by Warner, Mildred

  10. Sales Tax Incentives for Economic Development: Why Shouldn't Production Exemptions Be General?

    by Mikesell, John L.

  11. Wealth Transfer Tax Repeal: Some Thoughts on Policy and Planning

    by Blattmachr, Jonathan G. and Gans, Mitchell M.

  12. Restructuring Estate and Gift Taxes

    by Sawyers, Roby B.

  13. Rhetoric and Economics in the Estate Tax Debate

    by Gale, William G. and Slemrod, Joel

  14. Choosing Between an Income Tax and a Wealth Transfer Tax

    by Joulfaian, David

  15. Social Insecurity? The Effects of Equity Investments on Social Security Finances

    by Harris, Amy Rehder, Meyerson, Noah, and Smith, Joel

  16. Who Takes Advantage of Tax-Deferred Savings Programs? Evidence From Federal Income Tax Data

    by Joulfaian, David and Richardson, David

  17. The Taxation of Retirement Saving: Choosing Between Front-Loaded and Back-Loaded Options

    by Burman, Leonard E., Gale, William G., and Weiner, David