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  1. The Determinants of Cross Border Shopping: Implications for Tax Revenues and Institutional Change

    by Ferris, J. Stephen

  2. Do Taxes Influence Where U.S. Corporations Invest?

    by Grubert, Harry and Mutti, John

  3. The Treatment of Financial Services Under a Broad-Based Consumption Tax

    by Jack, William

  4. Elasticity of Demand for UK National Lottery Tickets

    by Forrest, David, Gulley, O. David, and Simmons, Robert

  5. Modeling IRA Accumulation and Withdrawals

    by Sabelhaus, John

  6. Estimates of the Tax Subsidy for Employment-Related Health Insurance

    by Selden, Thomas M. and Moeller, John F.

  7. Life and Death Questions About the Estate and Gift Tax

    by Gale, William G. and Slemrod, Joel

  8. Behavioral Responses to the Estate Tax: Inter Vivos Giving

    by McGarry, Kathleen

  9. Taxing Wealth Transfers and Its Behavioral Consequences

    by Joulfaian, David

  10. The Collision of Tax and Welfare Politics: The Political History of the Earned Income Tax Credit, 1969-99

    by Ventry, Dennis J. Jr.

  11. Making Single Mothers Work: Recent Tax and Welfare Policy and Its Effects

    by Meyer, Bruce D. and Rosenbaum, Dan T.

  12. The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Social Policy Reforms on Work, Marriage, and Living Arrangements

    by Ellwood, David T.

  13. Measuring the Effect of the EITC on Marriage Penalties and Bonuses

    by Holtzblatt, Janet and Rebelein, Robert

  14. EITC Noncompliance: The Determinants of the Misreporting of Children

    by McCubbin, Janet

  15. Who Are the Ineligible EITC Recipients?

    by Liebman, Jeffrey B.

  16. The EITC: Expectation, Knowledge, Use, and Economic and Social Mobility

    by Smeeding, Timothy M., Phillips, Katherin Ross, and O’Connor, Michael

  17. The Effects of the Earned Income Credit on the Seasonality of Household Expenditures

    by Barrow, Lisa and McGranahan, Leslie

  18. How Families View and Use the EITC: Advance Payment Versus Lump Sum Delivery

    by Romich, Jennifer L. and Weisner, Thomas

  19. Remote Vendors and American Sales and Use Taxation: The Balance Between Fixing the Problem and Fixing the Tax

    by Mikesell, John L.

  20. Implementing State Corporate Income Taxes in the Digital Age

    by McLure, Charles E. Jr.

  21. Federal Constitutional Limitations on Congressional Power to Legislate Regarding State Taxation of Electronic Commerce

    by Hellerstein, Walter

  22. An Analysis of the Feasibility of Implementing a Single Rate Sales Tax

    by Cornia, Gary C., Edmiston, Kelly D., Sheffrin, Steven M., and Sexton, Terri A.

  23. The National Tax Association's Project on Electronic Commerce and Telecommunication Taxes

    by Houghton, Kendall L. and Cornia, Gary C.

  24. E-Commerce in the Context of Declining State Sales Tax Bases

    by Bruce, Donald and Fox, William F.