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  1. Microsimulation Estimates of the Effects of Tax Subsidies for Health Insurance

    by Gruber, Jonathan

  2. A Quarter Century of Estate Tax Reforms

    by Joulfaian, David

  3. Tax Cuts or Spending--Does It Make a Difference?

    by Toder, Eric J.

  4. Electronic Commerce Beyond the "Dot Com" Boom

    by Senn, James A.

  5. Welfare Reform and the Role of Tax Policy

    by Rogers, Diane Lim and Weil, Alan

  6. State Low-Income Tax Relief: Recent Trends

    by Johnson, Nicholas

  7. Tax Implications of Welfare Reform: The Minnesota Experience

    by Wilson, Paul W.

  8. Social Tax Policies Directed at the Working Poor: The New York State Experience

    by Boughtwood, David, Friedson, Arthur, and Gugie, Nick

  9. Perspectives on the Budget Surplus

    by Auerbach, Alan J. and Gale, William G.

  10. Analysis of Current Social Security Reform Proposals

    by Lyon, Andrew B. and Stell, John L.

  11. Uncertainty in Social Security Trust Fund Projections

    by Meyerson, Noah and Sabelhaus, John

  12. Depreciation Lives and Methods: Current Issues in the U.S. Capital Cost Recovery System

    by Brazell, David W. and Mackie, James B. III

  13. The Tangled Web of Taxing Talk: Telecommunication Taxes in the New Millennium

    by Cordes, Joseph J., Kalenkoski, Charlene, and Watson, Harry S.

  14. Deferral and the Optimal Taxation of International Investment Income

    by Rousslang, Donald J.

  15. Tax Externalities of Equity Mutual Funds

    by Dickson, Joel M., Shoven, John B., and Sialm, Clemens

  16. Hope for Whom? Financial Aid for the Middle Class and Its Impact on College Attendance

    by Dynarski, Susan

  17. Capital Gains Tax Realizations and Tax Rates: New Evidence From Time Series

    by Eichner, Matthew and Sinai, Todd

  18. Explaining the Fall and Rise in the Tax Cost of Marriage: The Effect of Tax Laws and Demographic Trends, 1984-97

    by Eissa, Nada and Hoynes, Hilary Williamson

  19. Federal Medicare Transfers Across States: Winners and Losers

    by Feenberg, Daniel R. and Skinner, Jonathan

  20. Efficiency Effects on the U.S. Economy From Wireless Taxation

    by Hausman, Jerry

  21. Estate Taxes and Charitable Bequests by the Wealthy

    by Joulfaian, David

  22. The Distribution of Payroll and Income Tax Burdens, 1979-99

    by Mitrusi, Andrew and Poterba, James M.