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  1. Panel on IRS Restructuring

    by Alexander, Donald, Gibbs, Lawrence, Goldberg, Fred, and Richardson, Margaret

  2. Burning Issues in the Tobacco Settlement Payments: An Economic Perspective

    by Gravelle, Jane G.

  3. Using Emissions Trading to Regulate U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Overview of Policy Design and Implementation Issues

    by Fischer, Carolyn, Kerr, Suzi, and Toman, Michael

  4. Cool Code: Federal Tax Incentives to Mitigate Global Warming

    by Edwards, Chris R., Rousso, Ada S., Merrill, Peter R., and Wagner, Elizabeth

  5. On Voluntary Compliance, Voluntary Taxes, and Social Capital

    by Slemrod, Joel

  6. The Income of Central City and Suburban Migrants: A Case Study of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

    by Strauss, Robert P.

  7. Recent Clinton Urban Education Initiatives and the Role of School Quality in Metropolitan Finance

    by Temple, Judy A.

  8. Fiscal Capacity in New York: The City Versus the Region

    by Chernick, Howard

  9. Metropolitan Taxation in the 21st Century

    by Brunori, David

  10. Effective Marginal Tax Rates Under the Federal Individual Income Tax: Death by One Thousand Pin Pricks?

    by Barthold, Thomas A., Koerner, Thomas, and Navratil, John F.

  11. Fundamental Tax Reform: Public Perception and Political Rhetoric

    by Birnbaum, Jeffrey H.

  12. Fresh From the River Styx: The Achilles' Heels of Tax Reform Proposals

    by Pearlman, Ronald A.

  13. Tax Competition, Benefit Taxes, and Fiscal Federalism

    by Goodspeed, Timothy J.

  14. Taxation of Financial Capital in a Globalized Environment: The Role of Withholding Taxes

    by Zee, Howell H.

  15. The OECD's Report on Harmful Tax Competition

    by Weiner, JoAnn M. and Ault, Hugh J.

  16. Savings Incentives for Higher Education

    by Kane, Thomas J.

  17. Tax Reform and Target Saving

    by Samwick, Andrew A.

  18. Six Tax Laws Later: How Individuals' Marginal Federal Income Tax Rates Changed Between 1980 and 1995

    by Burman, Leonard E., Gale, William G., and Weiner, David