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  1. Quantifying the Current U.S. Fiscal Imbalance

    by Auerbach, Alan J.

  2. Social Security's Long-Term Budget Outlook

    by Burtless, Gary

  3. Regional Disparities in Medicare Expenditures: An Opportunity for Reform

    by Skinner, Jonathan and Fisher, Elliott

  4. Capital Gains and the People Who Realize Them

    by Burman, Leonard E. and Ricoy, Peter D.

  5. The Individual AMT: Why It Matters

    by Harvey, Robert P. and Tempalski, Jerry

  6. On the Possibility of a No-Return Tax System

    by Gale, William G. and Holtzblatt, Janet

  7. Federal Income Tax Compliance Costs: A Case Study of Hewlett-Packard Company

    by Seltzer, David R.

  8. Should a Short Sale Against the Box Be a Realization Event?

    by Weisbach, David A.

  9. Building a Conceptual Baseline for Corporate Tax Reform

    by Shapiro, Robert J.

  10. The Economic Effects and Beneficiaries of the Administration's Proposed Higher Education Tax Subsidies

    by Cronin, Julie-Anne

  11. Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency in the Student Loan Program

    by Miles, Barbara and Zimmerman, Dennis

  12. Financing Undergraduate Education: Designing National Policies

    by McPherson, Michael S. and Schapiro, Morton Owen

  13. The Sales Tax and Electronic Commerce: So What's New?

    by Fox, William F. and Murray, Matthew N.

  14. Transaction Taxes and Electronic Commerce: Designing State Taxes That Work in an Interstate Environment

    by Hellerstein, Walter

  15. A Primer on Changing Information Technology and the Fisc

    by Peha, Jon M. and Strauss, Robert P.

  16. Discussion of Papers on Telecommunications Taxation

    by Weiner, Joann M.

  17. Dynamic Scoring, Fiscal Policy, and the Short-Run Behavior of the Macroeconomy

    by Mauskopf, Eileen and Reifschneider, Dave

  18. Dynamic Tax Models: Why They Do the Things They Do

    by Engen, Eric M., Gravelle, Jane G., and Smetters, Kent

  19. Recent Evidence on Taxpayers' Response to the Rate Increases in the 1990s

    by Sammartino, Frank and Weiner, David