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  1. How Big Should Government Be?

    by Feldstein, Martin

  2. How Much More Is a Good School District Worth?

    by Bogart, William T. and Cromwell, Brian A.

  3. Who Pays the Gasoline Tax?

    by Chernick, Howard and Reschovsky, Andrew

  4. The Impact of Federal Taxes on the Use of Debt by Closely Held Corporations

    by Cloyd, C. Bryan, Limberg, Stephen T., and Robinson, John R.

  5. Voluntary Binding Arbitration as an Alternative to Tax Court Litigation

    by Sansing, Richard

  6. Reply to Diamond's and Cutler's Reviews of Generational Accounting

    by Kotlikoff, Laurence J.

  7. Indexed Bonds, Expected Inflation and Tax Clientele Bias

    by Bell, David N.F., Levin, Eric J., and Wright, Robert E.

  8. Further Evidence on the Dynamic Impact of Taxes on Charitable Giving

    by Barrett, Kevin S., McGuirk, Anya M., and Steinberg, Richard S.

  9. Beyond Tax Relief: Long-Term Challenges in Financing Higher Education

    by Kane, Thomas J.

  10. A Principled Approach to Educational Policy

    by Steuerle, C. Eugene