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  1. Health Care Reform: Putting the Pieces Together

    by Hunter, Gillian

  2. Implementing Mandates: Can We Do It?

    by Friedland, Robert B.

  3. Labor Market Effects of the Administrator's Health Proposal

    by Elmendorf, Douglas W. and Hamilton, Douglas R.

  4. Marginal Tax Rates and Health Care Reform

    by Sheiner, Louise

  5. Some Effects of Tax Caps on Insurance Pricing and Coverage Rates

    by Jack, William

  6. Tax Caps on Employment-Based Health Insurance

    by Burman, Leonard E. and Williams, Roberton

  7. Promoting Smokers' Welfare With Responsible Taxation

    by Viscusi, W. Kip

  8. This Tax's for You: The Case for Higher Beer Taxes

    by Cook, Philip J. and Moore, Michael J.

  9. Promoting Work Through the EITC

    by Holtzblatt, Janet, McCubbin, Janet, and Gillette, Robert

  10. The Earned Income Tax Credit and Some Fundamental Institutional Dilemmas of Tax-Transfer Integration

    by Alstott, Anne L.

  11. Taxes and the Poor: A Microsimulation Study of Implicit and Explicit Taxes

    by Dickert, Stacy, Houser, Scott, and Scholz, John Karl

  12. Implications of Health Reform for State and Local Fiscal Policy

    by Cook, Eric W. and Vlaisavljevich, Michael

  13. State Welfare Reform: Integrating Tax Credits and Income Transfers

    by Wilson, Paul W. and Cline, Robert

  14. Issues in Financing the Superfund

    by Brazell, David W. and Gerardi, Geraldine

  15. Packaging Taxes and Recycling Incentives: The German Green Dot Program

    by Rousso, Ada S. and Shah, Shvetank P.

  16. Environmental 'Remediation' Expenses and a Natural Interpretation of the Capitalization Requirement

    by Sims, Theodore S.