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  1. Social Security Rules and Marginal Tax Rates

    by Feldstein, Martin and Samwick, Andrew A.

  2. Toward a Global Excise on Carbon

    by Cnossen, Sijbren and Vollebergh, Herman

  3. State Taxation of Interest Income and Municipal Borrowing Costs

    by Lovely, Mary E. and Wasylenko, Michael J.

  4. Capital Gains Redux: Why Holding Periods Matter

    by Cook, Eric W. and O'Hare, John F.

  5. Tax Neutrality and the Tax Treatment of Purchased Intangibles

    by Gravelle, Jane G. and Taylor, Jack

  6. Sales Taxes, Investment, and the Tax Reform Act of 1986

    by Joulfaian, David and Mackie, James B. III

  7. Estimating the Determinants of Taxpayer Compliance With Experimental Data

    by Alm, James, Jackson, Betty, and McKee, Michael J.

  8. An Excise Tax That Reduces Price

    by Sgontz, Larry G.