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  1. Strategic Consolidation Under Formula Apportionment

    by Buettner, Thiess, Riedel, Nadine, and Runkel, Marco

  2. Millionaire Migration and State Taxation of Top Incomes: Evidence From a Natural Experiment

    by Young, Cristobal and Varner, Charles

  3. Structural Change in the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit: Success or Failure?

    by Gupta, Sanjay, Hwang, Yuhchang, and Schmidt, Andrew P.

  4. The Effect of Taxes on Taxable Earnings: Evidence From the 2001 and Related U.S. Federal Tax Acts

    by Singleton, Perry

  5. (Uncontrolled) Aggregate Shocks or Vertical Tax Interdependence? Evidence From Gasoline and Cigarettes

    by Esteller-Moré, Alejandro and Rizzo, Leonzio

  6. Social Security Reconsidered

    by Aaron, Henry J.

  7. Fixing Social Security — What Would Bismarck Do?

    by Kotlikoff, Laurence J.

  8. How Well Are Social Security Recipients Protected From Inflation?

    by Goda, Gopi Shah, Shoven, John B., and Slavov, Sita Nataraj

  9. Introduction: Economic Analysis of Tax Expenditures

    by Poterba, James M.

  10. Reconsidering Tax Expenditure Estimation

    by Altshuler, Rosanne and Dietz, Robert

  11. Income Versus Consumption Tax Baselines for Tax Expenditures

    by Carroll, Robert, Joulfaian, David, and Mackie, James

  12. The Tax Exclusion for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

    by Gruber, Jonathan

  13. Revenue Costs and Incentive Effects of the Mortgage Interest Deduction for Owner-Occupied Housing

    by Poterba, James M. and Sinai, Todd

  14. Assessing the Federal Deduction for State and Local Tax Payments

    by Metcalf, Gilbert E.

  15. Portfolio Substitution and the Revenue Cost of the Federal Income Tax Exemption for State and Local Government Bonds

    by Poterba, James M. and Verdugo, Arturo Ramírez

  16. How Does Charitable Giving Respond to Incentives and Income? New Estimates From Panel Data

    by Bakija, Jon and Heim, Bradley T.

  17. Tax Expenditures for Noncash Charitable Contributions

    by Ackerman, Deena and Auten, Gerald

  18. Redistribution and Tax Expenditures: The Earned Income Tax Credit

    by Eissa, Nada and Hoynes, Hilary


    by Susan J. Guthrie and Hines, James R. Jr.