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  1. Corporate Tax Policy for the 21st Century

    by Merrill, Peter R.

  2. Testing Behavioral Public Economics Theories in the Laboratory

    by Alm, James

  3. Will Health Insurance Mandates Increase Coverage?Synthesizing Perspectives From Health, Tax, Andbehavioral Economics

    by Auerbach, David, Holtzblatt, Janet, Jacobs, Paul, Minicozzi, Alexandra, Moomau, Pamela, and White, Chapin

  4. (Mis-)Using the Tax System to Subsidizehealth Spending

    by Antos, Joseph R.

  5. The Impact of Repealing the Exclusion for Employer-Sponsored Insurance

    by Gillette, Robert, Hunter, Gillian, Lurie, Ithai Z., Siegel, Jonathan, and Silverstein, Gerald

  6. Rethinking Foreign Tax Creditability

    by Shaviro, Daniel N.

  7. Do Strong Fences Make Strong Neighbors?

    by Desai, Mihir A. and Dharmapala, Dhammika

  8. Should Tax Policy Target Multinational Firm Headquarters?

    by Clausing, Kimberly A.

  9. Simplicity: Considerations in Designing a Unified Child Credit

    by Maag, Elaine

  10. Taxation and the Financial Sector

    by Shackelford, Douglas A., Shaviro, Daniel N., and Slemrod, Joel

  11. Institutions and Fiscal Sustainability

    by Rose, Shanna

  12. Location, (Real) Location, (Tax) Location: An Essay on Mobility’s Place in Optimal Taxation

    by Slemrod, Joel

  13. Capital Mobility and Capital Tax Competition

    by Zodrow, George R.

  14. State Corporation Income Taxation: An Economic Perspective on Nexus

    by Wildasin, David E.

  15. Misalignment of Substantive and Enforcement Tax Jurisdiction in a Mobile Economy: Causes and Strategies for Realignment

    by Swain, John A.

  16. Base Mobility and State Personal Income Taxes

    by Bruce, Donald, Fox, William F., and Yang, Zhou

  17. Can Lower Tax Rates Be Bought? Business Rent-Seeking and Tax Competition Among U.S. States

    by Chirinko, Robert S. and Wilsom, Daniel J.

  18. The Effects of State Tax Structure on Business Organizational Form

    by Luna, LeAnn and Murray, Matthew N.

  19. Mobility and Fiscal Imbalance

    by Boadway, Robin and Tremblay, Jean-François

  20. Mobility, Competition, and the Distributional Effects of Tax Evasion

    by Alm, James and Sennoga, Edward B.

  21. Inconsistent Transfer Prices and the Location of Mobile Capital

    by De Waegenaere, Anja and Sansing, Richard

  22. Barriers to Mobility: The Lockout Effect of U.S. Taxation of Worldwide Corporate Profits

    by Graham, John R., Hanlon, Michelle, and Shevlin, Terry

  23. Formula Apportionment: Is It Better Than the Current System and Are There Better Alternatives?

    by Altshuler, Rosanne and Grubert, Harry