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  1. What Will Happen if Employers Drop Health Insurance? A Simulation of Employees’ Willingness to Purchase Insurance in the Individual Market

    by Abraham, Jean Marie and Feldman, Roger

  2. Do Ebay Sellers Comply With State Sales Taxes?

    by Alm, James and Melnik, Mikhail I.

  3. Optimal Solid Waste Tax Policy With Centralized Recycling

    by Kinnaman, Thomas C.

  4. The Demand for Lottery Products and Their Distributional Consequences

    by Ghent, Linda S. and Grant, Alan P.

  5. Foreign Income and Domestic Deductions – a Comment

    by Becker, Johannes and Fuest, Clemens

  6. The Long-Term Budget Outlook in the United States and the Role of Health Care Entitlements

    by Manchester, Joyce and Schwabish, Jonathan A.

  7. The Fiscal Consequences of Trends in Population Health

    by Goldman, Dana, Michaud, Pierre-Carl, Lakdawalla, Darius, Zheng, Yuhui, Gailey, Adam, and Vaynman, Igor

  8. Desperately Seeking Revenue

    by Altshuler, Rosanne, Lim, Katherine, and Williams, Roberton

  9. Tax Expenditure Framework Legislation

    by Kleinbard, Edward D.