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  1. Individual Income Taxes After 2010: Post–Permanence–Ism

    by Brill, Alex M.

  2. Estate Planning Under the Bush Tax Cuts

    by Harrison, Ellen K.

  3. The AMT: What's Wrong and How to Fix It

    by Burman, Leonard E., Gale, William G., Leiserson, Greg, and Rohaly, Jeffrey

  4. Can America Afford to Get Sick?

    by Schwabish, Jonathan A., Topoleski, Julie, and Tristao, Ignez

  5. The Economic Effects of the President's Proposal for a Standard Deduction for Health Insurance

    by Carroll, Robert

  6. The President's Proposed Standard Deduction for Health Insurance: Evaluation and Recommendations

    by Burman, Leonard E., Furman, Jason, Leiserson, Greg, and Williams, Roberton C. Jr.

  7. Health Savings Accounts: Will They Impact Markets?*

    by Richardson, David P. and Seligman, Jason S.

  8. Turning Workers Into Savers? Incentives, Liquidity, and Choice in 401(K) Plan Design

    by Mitchell, Olivia S., Utkus, Stephen P., and Yang, Tongxuan (Stella)

  9. What Is the Effective Social Security Tax on Additional Years of Work?

    by Sabelhaus, John

  10. Why Do Firms Offer Risky Defined–Benefit Pension Plans?

    by Love, David, Smith, Paul A., and Wilcox, David

  11. What Can We Learn About Uncertain Tax Benefits From FIN 48?

    by Blouin, Jennifer, Gleason, Cristi, Mills, Lillian, and Sikes, Stephanie

  12. The Foreign Source Income Repatriation Patterns of US Parents in Worldwide Loss*

    by Power, Laura and Silverstein, Gerald

  13. Do Capital Income Tax Cuts Trickle Down?

    by Yang, Shu–Chun Susan

  14. Understanding the Tax Gap1

    by Mazur, Mark J. and Plumley, Alan H.

  15. Tax Compliance and the Neuroeconomics of Intertemporal Substitution

    by Chorvat, Terrence

  16. An Agent–Based Model of Tax Compliance With Social Networks

    by Korobow, Adam, Johnson, Chris, and Axtell, Robert

  17. The Federal Role in State Taxation: A Normative Approach

    by Fox, William F. and Swain, John A.

  18. How Federal Policymakers Account for the Concerns of State and Local Governments in the Formulation of Federal Tax Policy

    by Gravelle, Jane G. and Gravelle, Jennifer

  19. Pre–Emption: Federal Statutory Intervention in State Taxation

    by Wildasin, David E.

  20. Lending a Helping Hand: Two Governments Can Work Together

    by Duncan, Harley and Luna, LeAnn