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  1. A Tale of Two Tax Cuts, a Wage Squeeze, and a Tax Credit

    by Bartels, Larry M.

  2. Public Ignorance and Estate Tax Repeal: The Effect of Partisan Differences and Survey Incentives

    by Krupnikov, Yanna, Levine, Adam Seth, Lupia, Arthur, and Prior, Markus

  3. Public Opinion and the Push toRepeal the Estate Tax

    by Birney, Mayling, Graetz, Michael J., and Shapiro, Ian

  4. Health Savings Accounts:Implications for Health Spending*

    by Baicker, Katherine, Dow, William H., and Wolfson, Jonathan

  5. Is There a Right Way to Promote Health Insurance Through the Tax System?

    by Antos, Joseph R.

  6. Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right

    by Furman, Jason

  7. Floors, Ceilings, and Opening the Door for a Non–Itemizer Deduction

    by Ackerman, Deena and Auten, Gerald

  8. Regulation of Political Organizations and the Red Herring of Tax Exempt Status

    by Colinvaux, Roger

  9. Katrina/Rita: The Ultimate Test for Tax Policy?

    by Richardson, James A.

  10. Tax Policy and the Fiscal Cost of Disasters: NY and 9/11

    by Chernick, Howard and Haughwout, Andrew F.

  11. Five Things an Economist Thinks Are Important in Analyzing the Domestic Production Deduction: What Accountants and Lawyers Should Know About Economists*

    by McClelland, John

  12. Five Things Economists and Lawyers Can Learn From Accountants: An Illustration Using the Domestic Production Activities Deduction

    by Mills, Lillian F.

  13. Multidisciplinary Issues in Corporate Tax Policy

    by Plesko, George A.

  14. Distortions From Partial Tax Reform Revealed Through Effective Tax Rates

    by Burnham, Paul and Ozanne, Larry

  15. Horizontal Equity and Family Tax Treatment: The Orphan Child of Tax Policy

    by Gravelle, Jane and Gravelle, Jennifer

  16. Partial Loss Refundability: How Are Corporate Tax Losses Used?*

    by Cooper, Michael and Knittel, Matthew

  17. Containing the Individual Burden of Property Taxes: A Case Study of Circuit Breaker Expansion in Maine -1

    by Allen, Michael and Woodbury, Richard

  18. Property Tax Limitations: An Interpretative Review

    by Anderson, Nathan B.

  19. The Property Tax Bound

    by Giertz, J. Fred

  20. Illinois' Response to Rising Residential Property Values: An Assessment Growth Cap in Cook County

    by Dye, Richard F., McMillen, Daniel P., and Merriman, David F.

  21. Property Tax Policy Responses to Rapidly Rising Home Values: District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

    by Bowman, John H.

  22. Full Disclosure: Controlling Property Tax Increases During Periods of Increasing Housing Values

    by Cornia, Gary C. and Walters, Lawrence C.