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  1. Interstate Competition and State Lottery Revenues

    by Tosun, Mehmet Serkan and Skidmore, Mark

  2. Are All Lotteries Regressive? Evidence From the Powerball

    by Oster, Emily

  3. An Empirical Examination of the Impact of College Financial Aid on Family Savings

    by Monks, James

  4. Audit Selection and Firm Compliance With a Broad-Based Sales Tax

    by Alm, James, Blackwell, Calvin, and McKee, Michael

  5. Taxation and Risk–Taking With Multiple Tax Rates

    by Weisbach, David A.

  6. The Institutions of Federalism: Toward an Analytical Framework

    by Wildasin, David E.

  7. Plan Design and 401(K) Savings Outcomes

    by Choi, James J., Laibson, David, and Madrian, Brigitte C.

  8. Company Stock in Pension Funds

    by Even, William E. and Macpherson, David

  9. Cash Balance Plans: What Do They Mean for Retirement Security?

    by Johnson, Richard W. and Uccello, Cori E.

  10. Pension Plan Choice in the Public Sector: The Case of Michigan State Employees

    by Papke, Leslie E.

  11. Who Benefits From the Education Saving Incentives? Income, Educational Expectations and the Value of the 529 and Coverdell

    by Dynarski, Susan

  12. Employee Stock Purchase Plans

    by Engelhardt, Gary V. and Madrian, Brigitte C.

  13. The Alternative Minimum Tax and Effective Marginal Tax Rates

    by Feenberg, Daniel R. and Poterba, James M.

  14. Estate and Gift Tax Incentives and Inter Vivos Giving

    by Joulfaian, David and McGarry, Kathleen

  15. Top Wealth Shares in the United States, 1916-2000: Evidence From Estate Tax Returns

    by Kopczuk, Wojciech and Saez, Emmanuel

  16. Valuing Assets in Retirement Saving Accounts

    by Poterba, James M.