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  1. Sales Taxes and Prices: An Empirical Analysis

    by Besley, Timothy J. and Rosen, Harvey S.

  2. A Test of the Theory of Tax Clienteles for Dividend Policies

    by Dhaliwal, Dan S., Erickson, Merle, and Trezevant, Robert

  3. Is Charitable Giving by Nonitemizers Responsive to Tax Incentives? New Evidence

    by Duquette, Christopher M.

  4. Economies of Scale in Property Tax Assessment

    by Sjoquist, David L. and Walker, Mary Beth

  5. The Effect of Tax and Expenditure Limitations on the Revenue Structure of Local Government, 1962-87

    by Shadbegian, Ronald J.

  6. Federalism, Grants, and Fiscal Equalization

    by Mieszkowski, Peter and Musgrave, Richard A.

  7. Social Security and Saving: A Comment

    by Coates, Dennis and Humphreys, Brad R.

  8. Theories of Tax Competition

    by Wilson, John Douglas

  9. Lessons From Behavioral Responses to International Taxation

    by Hines, James R. Jr.