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US Federal Tax Forms from The Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service (The Main IRS Website)

IRS Statistics of Income (IRS tax statistics)

US Treasury and Tax Sitemap Information from the US Treasury

Joint Committee on Taxation link to JCT Website

Congressional Research Service Reports from the National Library for the Environment

Congressional Budget Office link to CBO Website

Bureau of Economic Analysis Link to BEA Databases

Census Bureau link to Census Data

The Financial Reporting Model Project From the Government Accounting Standards Board

Government Accountability Office link to GAO Decisions and Reports

Government Performance Project-Grading Governments from The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

Federal Tax Law Useful Links to tax codes, tax rates, treaties, and other information from Tax and Accounting Sites Directory

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US Federal Taxes From LawResearch. Useful Links to tax codes, Federal Court Decisions, professional organizations, and policy groups.

US Federal Taxes From The Internal Revenue Service