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A prime reason for belonging to NTA is the enormous public benefit that can come from sound tax policy and wise administration.

NTA is the most prestigious professional tax organization and the premier forum for:

  • Debating complex and controversial public finance issues;
  • Testing new tax theories, practices, and policies; and
  • disseminating the highest quality impartial, nonpartisan research.


    NTA brings together a unique membership of government, corporate, academic, and independent tax professionals; a rich mix of scholars; federal, state, and local legislators and administrators; taxpayer representatives; tax lawyers and accountants; professors and other scholars; students and interested citizens

    Members cite as the most compelling reason to belong to NTA a sense of responsibility to their profession and the public at large.

    NTA carries out its educational purpose through its official quarterly National Tax Journal and other publications, and by sponsoring conferences, symposia, and study committees. Membership in the National Tax Association brings you:

    • National Tax Journal Respected worldwide as the premier scholarly journal in the field of taxation and public finance.
    • Annual Conference on Taxation  three days of sharing ideas on current and emerging public finance, drawing on the most advanced thinking and research by NTA members and other collegues.  The published Proceedings provide a valuable and comprehensive research compendium as well as an historical resource on a wide range of fiscal topics.
    • Spring Symposium a two-day Conference each May in Washington DC focusing on important national tax issues.  The collected papers are published in the December issue of the National Tax Journal.
    • Workshop on Valuation of Public Utility and Railroad Property a week-long July workshop co-sponsored with Wichita State University.
    • Special Conferences and Symposia occasional meeting on specific tax issues sponsored or co-sponsored by NTA.
    • NTA network an electronic newsletter containing articles and news of Association activities and plans.

    The National Tax Association invites you to join your collegues in the tax community as we work to foster understanding of the complex public finance system through impartial exchange of information, research, and divergent view points.

    NTA members have a role in all aspects of the Association's professional activities and programs, for example:

    • Working with other members in setting the agenda for conference and seminars
    • Participating in the annual Spring Symposium and the Conference on Taxation
    • Contributing to Association publications
    The National Tax Association is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical educational association that fosters study and discussion of complex and controversial issues in tax theory, practice and policy, and other aspects of public finance. NTA is a 501(c)(3) organization and does not promote any particular tax program or policy.