National Tax Association

Daniel M. Holland Medal

The National Tax Association presents the Daniel M. Holland Medal for outstanding contributions to the study and practice of public finance. The award was begun in 1993.  The recipient is chosen by a committee of NTA members selected by the Board of Directors, and the medal is awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Members, held in conjunction with the Annual Conference on Taxation.


Professor of Economics at MIT, Dan Holland had a lifelong interest in all aspects of public finance. He was a researcher and teacher with an interest in stimulating knowledge in the field. He was a practitioner who played a role in the implementation of fiscal reform. He made great efforts to further the work of the National Tax Association, and was the Editor of the National Tax Journal from 1966 through 1991.

The Recipients
2015 William D. Andrews
2014 James Poterba
2013 Michael Graetz
2012 Joel Slemrod; award video


Alan Auerbach
2010 Henry Aaron
2009  Peter Mieszkowski 
2008  Walter Hellerstein 
2007 Harvey Rosen
2006 Richard Bird
2005 Roy Bahl
2004 Charles E. McLure
2003 Martin Feldstein
2002 Wallace E. Oates
2001 Arnold C. Harberger
2000 John F. Due
1999 Oliver Oldman
1998 C. Lowell Harriss
1997 Richard Goode
1996 George F. Break
1994 Richard Musgrave
1993 Carl S. Shoup