National Tax Association

Richard Musgrave Prize

The National Tax Association Announces the creation of the Richard Musgrave Prize, to be presented each year to the author or authors of the outstanding paper published in the National Tax Journal. During his luminous career, the work of Richard Musgrave has been characterized by a powerful blend of analytic clarity, insight drawn from the historical record across the globe, and respect for the importance of administration. With this award, the National Tax Association wished to recognize his contributions to the public policy theory, research and practice.

Winners will be selected on basis of the degree to which they foster the legacy of his research by displaying the following attributes: new research contributions with strong analytic underpinnings, rigorous argument buttressed by empirical evidence, a respect for the history of research and practice, and the promise of improving public policies.

Each refereed article published in the National Tax Journal is automatically nominated, with the winning selection determined by the Editor and the Editorial Advisory Board. The Musgrave Prize winner for each year will be announced in the June issue of the National Tax Journal in the subsequent year.


Joint Winners
Tim Dowd (Joint Committee on Taxation)
Robert McClelland (Congressional Budget Office)
Athipat Muthitacharoen (Bank of Thailand)


Joint Winners
Kalena E. Cortes (Texas A&M University) 
Anderw I. Friedson (University of Colorado)


Joint Winners
H. Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State University)
Wallace E. Oates (University of Maryland)


Joint Winners
Richard V. Burkhauser (Cornell University)
Jeff Larrimore (Joint Committee on Taxation)
Kosali I. Simon (Indiana University)


Joint Winners
Wen Wang (City University of Hong Kong)
William D. Duncombe (Syracuse University)
John Yinger (Syracuse University)


Joint Winners
Katie Fitzpatrick (Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture) 
Jeffrey P. Thompson (University of Massachusetts)

2009  Sara LaLumia, Williams College
2008  Michael Lovenheim (Stanford University)
2007  Roger Gordon (University of California, San Diego) and Young Lee (Hangyang University, Korea)
2006 Nathan B. Anderson (University of Illinois at Chicago)
2005 Michael Brunetti (ERS Group)
2004 David A. Weisbach (University of Chicago)
2003 Joint Winners
Jonathan Gruber (MIT)
Peter Orszag (The Brookings Institution)
2002 Donald Bruce (The University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
2002 Joint Winners
Jan K. Brueckner (Institute of Government and Pubic Affairs, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Luz A. Saavedra (University of South Florida)
2001 Joint Winners
James B. Mackie III (Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury)
Harry Grubert (Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury)
2000 Joint Winners
Timothy J. Besley (London School of Economics)
Harvey Rosen (Princeton University)